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Community for student startups

The leading coworking space in Østfold for students. A community for creatives, entrepreneurs and founders. Our objective is to establish a creative environment for students to start a company and develop as entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Team

We are here to make it a little easier for you with our highly motivated staff.

Sigvart Andersen



+47 928 81 949

Remi Drageset

Content producer


+47 905 46 160

Bjørn B. Nyhus

Project manager


+47 911 74 569

Frida Bjercke Bye

Accounting Associate


+47 980 53 907

Carl M. Gjeldnes



+47 913 96 931

Helge Hasvold

Board member


+47 905 46 160

Warm, inviting and casual

An atmosphere for collaboration

Drivhuset is more than just a coworking space for students. We focus on developing you as an entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience. We host and arrange events that matter to the community with important, topical and relevant discussions, talks and courses for students and startups.

Meet new people

Tasteful office space with unique design created for people to get to know each other without leaving the office.

Get guidance

Our method has been developed over 25 years and has contributed to business start-ups in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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Gamle Beddingvei 2b

1671 Kråkerøy, Norway