About us
We facilitate for you who have either started a business or have an entrepreneur in your stomach. We assist with expertise and experience in running a business. We help making students more robust entrepreneurs.
What we offer
We offer our members mentoring, networking and expertise to establish and scale their own companies/projects and we work to create a culture characterized by innovation and collaboration.
Drivhuset has continuous admission of new members. We are here for students who want to turn theory into practice and who want to create or innovate their own workplace.

Some Awesome Entrepreneurs

Daniel Flølo Ringdalen
Marketing Manager / Trancedo
Drivhuset is the place for dreamers who want to start their own company, and dare to think big. A great place to build network and develop your business idea, with the help of a unique environment that enriches each other’s success and ability to move in the same direction.
André Lier
Manager / Tidbit
Drivhuset has helped me become an entrepreneur, and got a huge network! Now I run my own company at 19 years old, and cooperate with many experienced people. Don’t hesitate to contact Drivhuset!
Lorenzo Ruscelli
Manager / DropBy Norge
Expertise, network and a place to get things done!

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